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The League: a meaning to wrap a life within

This is my secret blog only accessible through coded access and to be uploaded under secure encryption to be held in quarantine storage until case charges filed or undercover opps completed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

WARNING - Authorised Access Only - Level 42B Clearance required to view this feed.

Non-Authorised Persons cannot proceed - KDL Immunitas Order 72 - Sanction registered in all Heimats
The Knwaybe Defence League undercover team were the first outside group to discover the bloody corpses.

The panic had spread not only within the staff at Companion Corp but it had also shattered the company's internal security procedures and had then spread into the general population. Even the Paise security forces had been shaken and disoriented by the severity of the panic and the reports of mass murder within that most important of local companies.

The large number of deaths had fuelled speculation that everyone connected with the company was going to be murdered, perhaps everyone who had a relative there, perhaps anyone who had a companion, perhaps everyone in this loyal Paise, perhaps everyone in the Heimat, perhaps these were the shadows finally come to punish all humanity for its vanity.

The fear that this created built upon the knowledge of complete failure within the security teams who were supposed to have protected the personnel. Once their nerve cracked it was a free for all with hysterical locals, indignant visitors and terrified corporate executives all trying to escape, shift blame or loot. The collapse of civilised behaviour was sudden, chaotic and unexpected. No one had imagined that correct behaviour could be such a thin veneer or that it would so violently blister and splinter in the first heat.

The day had started as any other: well organized, polite, efficient. This was a corporate Paise, not actually owned or run by the company, but so heavily dependent upon it that what was good for Companion Corp was usually regarded as good for the Paise. The company liked the whole area to be clean and businesslike to the extent of paying for litter collection and general improvement and maintenance of public areas. The day promised to be effective, litter free and routine at Companion Corp on this quietly efficient morning. The research and development of the new range was proceeding to plan except for the well documented retaliation of two of the prototypes. This interesting behaviour was fully absorbing the time and effort of several senior technicians and was currently being analysed and discussed. The view was increasing that Companions should not be allowed to bond onto each other because that made them less likely to perform their main function of bonding to their human owners. The positive side to this excessively strong homospecies-bonding was the possibility of creating an equally strong heterospecies-bond towards humans. The marketing department, working with the technicians, suggested that if such a shift in bonding could be achieved there would be a new and possibly wide market opening.

As usual the undercover team were working at their allotted jobs. There was no sense of this being a special day. No thoughts of the immense changes that were to occur. No concern over their future or the intense testing that they were about to endure. During this unexceptional morning the various members of the undercover team carried on their normal duties. Team member number one was working as always on the day's wig designs for the higher level dress selectors. Her work was highly regarded but aesthetically she would be graded below team member number two who was responsible for the daily perfume changes. He would be required to offer three scents for each of the dress selectors. The third member was the dresser who had made contact with Jefratus. His morning consisted of meetings with the wig designers, perfume selectors and other fashion designers to make selections for the technicians under his advice. (The competition between dressers was always hot, each wishing their technicians to excel.) The fourth member of the team worked far from the others within the corporate security department in a minor position of weapons hygienist and general quartermaster. This was one of the few non-personnel support positions taken by humans. (It had been taken for granted that although the task was essentially a mechanical process which could be handled by robots it was best not to rely on them for the cleaning, storage and distribution of weapons.) His position did not, in the general run of things, expose him to any worthwhile operational information, which was a disadvantage, but did mean that the search of his false files had not been very deep.

Today was to be different for the whole team.

"I need a wide beam slicer, grenades and maxi-ply body armour!" a guard had shouted over the intercom before running, breathless into the arsenal."What's up?" the quartermaster had asked while quickly bringing the equipment up through the system. He could see the sweat dripping from the guard's forehead onto his cheek. It may have smelt like sweat but he recognised it as liquid fear. The guard was twitching, watching the doorway but not saying anything.

The equipment came out of the wall panel, wrapped in film which the guard tore open. "You'll have to sign..." the quartermaster stopped in mid-sentence as the guard ran from the room while pulling the armour over his head and strapping it at the sides. "Hey! You can't..." The quartermaster keyed in a report of an unauthorised withdrawal as two more guards came into the room. "Busy day today, what can I do for you boys?""Maxi-ply body armour and wide-beam stun," the first replied as the second began removing his padded jacket. "Same armour for me, but no weapon.""What?" the other guard said at what seemed like madness to him. "No weapon? At least take a stun pistol.""No, I don't want to annoy them.""You're nuts, I'm not going to annoy them either," he paused, "I'm just going to kill them""You can't kill them.""Who? Who can't you kill?" The quartermaster asked in fascination. Was this going to be a point of weakness. The critical time to pry and crack the shell? Was this his chance to break the case?

As the requisitions were brought from store and the two guards climbed, slowly and carefully into their armour the unarmed one explained, "In the past such things were thought to be fairies or hobgoblins, then at a time of religion they were seen as demons and angels, later when psuedo-science dominated popular opinion its was aliens, ghosts and space travellers, but now we know the truth.""You don't believe that trash, do you?" the first guard said with contempt as he slid the power line back on his weapon, checked that it was showing green and ran to the door. "You coming or what?"The second guard looked at the quartermaster and made an offensive sign which indicated doubt of the sanity of his colleague. He leaned against the counter and drew the quartermaster toward him with a flick of his head. "They are here. They've been sighted on level 3 block Paris.""They have?""Its the end.""Who’s they?" "The apparitions and shadows of hell's six. They’ve come to punish us for tampering with the natural energy levels of the dimensions."

The quartermaster hid his disappointment at the guard's repetition of this popular mysticism. The expectation of some other dimensional beings arriving to punish humanity for the theft of apparently limitless energy across dimensional barriers was widespread. There were many people who saw flitting as punching holes in the walls that supported the universe. They also believed that star streamers and the wide spread use of forced vortex power sources were theft of the life forces of the other dimensional shadow people.

"So what do they look like?""I don't want to know. Those who look will be punished. Those who steal will be killed. It is written."The quartermaster wondered how such a mystic could have passed the entrance tests for security. Perhaps the answer was as simple as no one thinking to ask."So who saw them?""The chief of security herself. She was just going to arrest..." The guard stopped speaking as he realised that he was about to breach standing orders. "What does it matter now? Its the end. The dimensions will collapse and we'll all be shadows. She had been on her way to arrest one of the dressers. He's an agent of the League."The quartermaster nodded and hoped that his look of surprise was sufficient but not excessive. If they knew about his colleague, assuming it was he they were about to arrest, did they know about the rest of the members of the team? "Really, the League? What will you do with a League man?""Its all piss in the wind now. He's probably dead. She's probably dead. You and I are probably dead. Pity for him that she didn't get to him first, he would have been deported.""Not rough him up a bit to help him on his way?""What?" The guard looked away from the door and directly at the quartermaster. He was obviously feeling insulted. "What do you think we are?""So what's happened?" He asked, but as he spoke a squad of security personnel radioed orders to him. "Yeah," he called back before they finished. "Maxi-ply body armour and what else?"

He had already requested the armour which was appearing from the chute before displaying the weaponry currently available. "Sorry, we're out of wide beams, can do you some narrows or grenade launchers."The guard was backing away towards the ante-room. He didn't want to be dragged into a fight against apparitions. The first arriving guard shouted in traditional warrior dialect, "Where's the fucking armour?" The quartermaster threw the first outfit to him and at that moment the weapons appeared. "You should have taken the fucking film off it first." The guard added as he wrapped the body section around his chest and snapped the straps closed.

"This armour will stop anything, right?""Even a uranium tipped shell, sure.""We'll see.""What the hell is happening up there, an invasion?""Yeah, that's what it is all right. A fucking invasion." He closed the straps on his legs and was running out of the room while checking the weapon. The other two were grumbling to each other while buddy checking armour."So how many are there of them?""Huh?" One of them turned to him. "How the fuck should I know? There's at least five dead already. How many of them? How do you count shadows? Five dead, just like that. No one saw them coming. Fucking blood everywhere. This stuff really stop a uranium shell?""Guaranteed. Says so on the packing. Five dead? Them or us?""Us you idiot, us. They haven't even stubbed a fucking toe. Nothing touches them. I swear a grenade exploded through one of those mother fuckers and it just went on running.""They killed security?"He shook his head. "Technicians, five dead while I was up there. We challenged them by the book and they run straight past us like we weren't there." The emotion and strain showed on his young face.

"Maybe we aren't," he added, looked at his buddy and said, "Maybe its us who are in the wrong dimension." Then suddenly he laughed in a nervous shudder. "What are we running so shit scared for?" He pulled at the body armour straps and let it fall to the floor. His buddy looked at him with shock as he listened. "Don't worry about it, they aren't interested in us. It only just got to me. We can't hurt them so they won't hurt us." He threw his weapon back to the quartermaster. "I won't be needing that." He walked out of the room followed by his buddy who was trying to persuade him to see sense. The quartermaster was the first to say the name that everyone knew.

He checked the ante-room to see if the other guard was still there and seeing that he had gone, he contacted the wig-maker to relay the information. "Its mayhem up here. Get the others together. I think that security has collapsed. They're cracking up. One of the guards has accidentally killed two service workers and now he's gone on a rampage. He's cracked, he's shooting at shadows - Liberators." ©
Years of preparation and just as we felt that we were winning the trust of some of the scientists it happened.

Have been assigned to lead undercover team at Companion R&D. Together with team members inserted and currently employed at Companion Corp.
Our best hopes of cracking the case are the dresser, the perfumier and the wig maker those who attend most closely to Jefratus and the other high ranking scientists. We also have an agent with the security department working as a weapons hygenist.
This is my secret blog only accessible through coded access and to be uploaded under secure encryption to be held in quarantine storage until case charges filed or undercover opps completed.